Isabella’s Story

Isabella Parcheesi is a simply sublime watercolor artist.

“Simply Sublime Watercolor” – A Self-Portrait, Watercolor on Mixed Media, 9″ x 12″

by Isabella Parcheesi herself


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Isabella Parcheesi was born Therese’ Aprille.

She dreams of spending Eternity with Jesus… She longs for it!
She is often told of how her eyes are the color of the River that flows from the very Throne of God.
This gives her great hope that one day soon she will walk with her Sweet Jesus along the River’s edge – through the huge & beautiful trees that drink from the cool blue waters.
She wants to dive into the River and drink of it and be cleansed through & through.

Therese’ Aprille bears a cross around her neck with a red stone that represents a single drop of her Savior’s blood, knowing it took but a single drop to wash her free from sin within & without.

For this she is truly thankful & has resigned to live her whole life unto Christ alone.

When she first heard the Gospel, she repented of her sinful nature, believed in Jesus as the Only Begotten Son of God, and was saved.

The Holy Spirit filled her & dwelt within her mightily, quickly giving her understanding that Jesus had purchased her with His blood – purchased her all –

body, soul & spirit.

She knew immediately she had been given a new heart; a new spirit that was now awakened & in tune to the things of God.

She was now alive to Righteousness & dead to sin.

She was empowered & loved deeply by God and of this, His Spirit gave witness to her. She was a Child of God forevermore.

She would no longer live how she wanted to. Her personal desires were set aside; put to death!

Therese’ Aprille prepared herself daily to suffer with her Jesus. She made up her mind to not live in comfort & leisure, but to put her faith to work, being led by her

Master & Guide.

She would now faithfully & steadfastly endure until her Bridegroom returned for her in the clouds or until He calls her safely Home.

Until then, she will paint simply sublime watercolors to His Glory!

This is Therese’ Aprille AKA Isabella Parcheesi.

Now you’ve been told;  Now you know.


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